How to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Drive

A woman is trying to recover deleted files from an SSD

As you may know, the SSD drive is totally different from the HDD drive. The files or data that are permanently deleted from the HDD drive in your PC or laptop can be recovered by some data recovery software easily, but the ones deleted from the SSD drive cannot be recovered by the software most of the time.

This article will tell you the most common reason why you can’t restore the deleted files from SSD, let you know how to make them recoverable in the future, and then test if deleted data could really be retrieved from SSD.

1. Learn why you can’t restore deleted files from SSD

In most cases, this is because the TRIM is enabled.

The TRIM (the trim command) is launched and is turned on by default to make the best performance and the longest service life of an SSD. TRIM allows an operating system (OS) to inform an SSD which blocks of data are no longer “in use” and can be erased immediately.

So the relevant data on the SSD will be really erased the time you deleted them in the OS.

Therefore, you cannot recover the deleted data from SSD by data recovery software easily.

2. Disable TRIM SSD

Next, you should disable TRIM command manually. Follow the instructions below:

1. Hit Windows Key + R to open the Run box.

2. Type cmd and then press Shift + Ctrl + Enter to run Command Prompt in administrator mode.

3. Copy fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 1 and paste it by right-clicking on the Command Prompt, and hit Enter.

4. The trim command has been disabled since “DisableDeleteNotify = 1 is shown.

3. Test if deleted data could really be retrieved from SSD

1. Copy some files and paste them to the SSD.

2. Select the files and press Shift + Delete to permanently delete them.

3. Download some data recovery software, such as BitGenius and EaseUS for testing.

Download: BitGenius

4. Run BitGenius, select the SSD and then click Start.

5. The deleted files CAN now be found.

6. Select them and click Recover.

7. The files CAN be opened and viewed correctly.

If you are interested in this software, please visit:

Download: EaseUS

8. Run EaseUS, select the SSD and Scan.

9. The software CAN now find the deleted files.

10. Select them, click Recover, and the files CAN also be opened properly.

4. Conclusion

According to the test result above, we can be sure that the deleted files can be recovered after the Trim command is disabled.

Although you may not be able to restore the previously deleted files or data, you can restore files that are deleted in the future using the method I provide.

Anyway, I hope this article can help you a lot.

 by the author.



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